JOSEPH R. GORNEAULT, JR.  860-989-6649  4 Hemlock Court, Cromwell, CT 06416

Joseph R. Gorneault, Jr. is an artist known for his use of color, combined with imagination and fantasy. Joe actually makes his own custom colors. Therefore, in the end, the finished artwork is truly a personal expression. A viewer will notice the unique palette that belongs specifically to this artist.

Joe’s most recent mixed media collection includes pieces that are emotionally driven by the political issues of today. The pros and the cons, of the changing world are illustrated using color and texture.

Joe, who is from an Italian and French background, was classically trained at both Tunxis Community College and Hartford Art School where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Cum Laude. Since his teen years, he has been creating works that depict or are based on movies, music and television celebrities. It seems as his style emerges and develops, he is moving further toward abstract and away from realism with a stroke that is looser and more relaxed.

He often works on several bodies of work simultaneously but alternates in such a way that once he completes a series, he’ll move on to a project of colorful, abstract works. For him, the variety is motivating and helps to refocus his creativity.

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Abstract and realistic artist Joseph R. Gorneault, Jr.


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