Humble Luminosity

Working on this new series of paintings I have focused on the thoughts that run through my mind daily. The chaos, disagreements and out-of-control world that I live in today. I use the placement of texture, choices of colors, application of thick layers of paint, to express the non-controlled movements that represent my running thoughts.

Within the chaos of the paints I find unity. Forming of life lines, the colors depend on one another for support to help create the whole life of the painting. The texture throughout the painting represents the difficulties the colors need to conquer so that they can unite as a whole to survive.

As I finish each painting I am more relaxed and find comfort in tackling the next one. I continue forward to clear my mind of what is ever bothering me for the time: Politics, hatred and the racism of today in the world and our country.

Joseph R. Gorneault Jr.
4 Hemlock Court
Cromwell, CT 06416

Abstract and realistic artist Joseph R. Gorneault, Jr.


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